Here is a reference overview of all settings touched by Atomic Bomberman Launcher. This list could be useful if you're a developer, or just curious.

Setting Description Where
Node name The name of the computer connecting. Not actually the player name, since there can be two players behind the keyboard. Entire contents of NODENAME.INI
Map The map ("scheme") that is played on. The scheme defines the tiles of the board and a few other settings (such as power ups). Whether a map is an FFA or team map is determined from whether the description contains two numbers (5)(5) or just one (10). OPTIONS.INI, schemefilename=file.sch
Team play Team play is automatically enabled when you select a team map, so you normally don't need to set this. OPTIONS.INI, team_play=0|1
Random start Random start is set to the inverse of team play, so it's enabled in brawl mode, but disabled in team mode so you don't accidentally start on the other team's side of the field. OPTIONS.INI, random_start=0|1
Play time The play time in the INI file is actually a value in seconds, but in the menu I've stuck to the same options as in Bomberman's option screen. The value for infinite is 1001. OPTIONS.INI, playtime=150
Enclosure depth This is simple enumeration of the options. Enclosures are fun, you should set this high! OPTIONS.INI, enclosement_depth=0..3
Conveyor speed Not such an interesting option, but I had spare room on the dialog and I suppose someone could want to tweak it. Also an enumeration. OPTIONS.INI, conveyor_speed=0..2
Automatically assign keyboard Setting this option automatically assigns KEY0 to the first available player. Disabling this means a step less if you want to change color. KEY1 is never assigned, nor is the AI player removed when disabling this, so the option is less than useful. Still here for completeness. OPTIONS.INI, assign_keyboards=0|1
Key sets The launcher remembers two keysets: one for 1-player mode and one for 2-player mode. Depending on the number of players selected on the main screen, one of the keyboard layouts is activated. This allows quick switching back and forth, and means you don't have to cramp yourself to a side of the keyboard when you're alone, if you also occasionally want to play with a second player. OPTIONS.INI, keydef=player,action,key
Network screen delay Atomic Bomberman has a built-in minimum delay at screens in a network game to give all computers the chance to finish loading before the game host can start the next round. Apparently this was easier than writing a synchronization protocol. The launcher changes this value from 3 seconds to 2. 3 seconds is rather long, but I don't dare going lower than 2 because I've seen recent computers (think 2+ GHz) fail to catch up to a 1-second delay. VALUELST.RES, option 13
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